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Most of India's state borders opened up around the months of July/August 2020, and I finally head out in September after a long hard wait. Doing what I love, I'm currently exploring the state of #Uttarakhand on my #RoyalEnfield#Himalayan (with all safety precautions, of course)!

In this episode of Psithurism, I cross from the district of Nainital and enter the Almora district to reach my second destination, Kasar Devi. It's an amazing day to ride with bright blue skies and beautiful green hues.

Discussing the beautiful intricacies of soul and karma with a fellow seeker, right from the heart of Uttarakhand - in Kasar Devi, Almora.

After 3 heartwarming days in Kasar Devi, it's time to get on the bike and head towards our next destination- Chaukori. But it's in no way a cakewalk, as I soon find myself without fuel...

It's a beautiful morning here in Chaukori, Uttarakhand as I prepare to leave for my next destination, Munsiyari. Packing up camp while travelling on a motorcycle is sure a taxing task, but I love every second of it. So here I am, giving you tips on how to go about it!

I'm super-stoked to get on the bike and ride towards the beautiful Munsiyari. But I have no idea what's in store for me. Crazy water crossings, challenging terrains and unimaginable roads await me on this one heck of a journey.

It is a cold-cold morning here in Munsiyari, but I can't wait to get the day started. Right at the crack of dawn, I crank the engine and hop on my bike ready to explore the dream that Munsiyari is.

Watch along to know some of the places to explore in and around Munsiyari!

It's time to move on to newer horizons after my amazing stay at Munsiyari. With no fixed destination in my mind, I take on a wonderful day of riding in the mountains. But I don't know if I'll find a place to stay... Not sure if that's something to worry about?

I'm in high spirits as I leave the sleepy town of Kapkot for the tea haven, Kausani. Can you believe my luck as I catch a nail on my rear tyre just 2 km off my destination? Thankfully, help is just around the corner.. literally!

I'm finally here in Kausani, dubbed as the 'Switzerland of India'. After having fixed the puncture on my bike, I decided to explore the scenic village for the rest of the day. I rekindled childhood memories of my time here and bought some local tea for home, all the while enjoying whatever this beautiful place had to offer.

After an eventful time at Kausani, I'm buzzing to ride to Ranikhet - especially because of the perfect roads and beautiful views! But apart from this, there's a very special reason why I'm headed there, and I'm so glad I did. :)

Four districts through the mountains in #Uttarakhand and after a couple thousand kilometres, I made it back home!

It has been an unbelievable time on the road, but what next?

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