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Episode 1

It's not every day when one gets the chance to ride across the country on their own two wheels. That's exactly how I kickstart my new adventure, where I rode over 1500 kms, passing 4 states across a span of 5 exciting days.

Episode 2

This episode of the series shows you Kolkata through my eyes, in the short time I had in the bustling city. Trams, yellow cabs and boats are some of the ways I travelled here, all the while giving me a chance to indulge in the madness of this place.

Episode 3

After spending some quality time in Kolkata, I hop on my Royal Enfield Himalayan to get the long-awaited journey started! We travel through the state of West Bengal through Malda and eventually to Siliguri.

Episode 4

It's a beautiful day here in Siliguri, West Bengal as I set out to continue this ride on my Royal Enfield Himalayan. I cross the famous Coronation Bridge and enter the more scenic part of the state, but all that comes to a sudden halt. My initial plan was to cross over into the state of Assam and ride further on.

But it seems I cannot continue further.

Episode 5

It's been a few days since my ride had to come to a stumbling halt. Fortunately, I find a Royal Enfield service centre a few kilometres away from me! So I get my RE Himalayan on a tow truck and head to the small town by the name of Birpara in West Bengal.

Days of repair and ordering parts from around means I have some downtime for myself - to refresh and take a dip in a river. But does this all mean that there's a chance we can continue?

Episode 6

We are finally back on the saddle of my Royal Enfield Himalayan, excited to continue this journey forward! After 3 days of working on the repairs of my bike in a small town in West Bengal, we move further.

Assam is on the horizon, and I'm so excited for what's to come!

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