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Artists' Colony of Kangra

I didn't know where I was going to land up at, when I stumbled across Chalohi in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. All I knew was I was going to set up my base in a sparsely populated place and do my exploring of this beautiful district.

But one glance at the thriving greenery, countless water bodies and the warm people of this village and I knew, Chalohi was the place for me.

A stone's throw from my base village lies Andretta, a historical place which is also known as the artists' colony. And it's not even tough to see why: This part of Himachal Pradesh is just so culturally rich!

So on a nice sunny day in the midst of a long monsoon season here in Kangra, in a forgotten village around Palampur, I do some exploring.

It is a rainy day here and what is a better time to explore one of India's oldest tea estates right here in Himachal Pradesh? So we head to the famous Wah Tea Estate of Palampur to learn all about the art of making tea.

Constant rains have painted the Kangra Valley with fresh colours, so we find our way to Bir, a famed old town to relive the charm of its waterfalls and sunsets.

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