The Stigmas of a Conscious Mind

We have been caught up in stigmas of different kinds

Stigmas of having been in relationships that have eaten us up

Of having been parented by emotionally stunted people

Of having been taught a very calculated part of history through textbooks

These ‘little’ ‘insignificant’ events have stunted us as people conditioned to love, reason and communicate.

Our neighbours don’t know us, oh but neither do our grandmothers.

An innocent autumn leaf falls from its conditioned ‘home’ that once was.

There is dust all around us, but hey our conscience isn’t clean too.

And the innocent leaf falls to the ground, only to get mixed with a thousand others.

The little dog on the street yelps in pain, hunger and angst

But who’s to hear the cries of those who don’t matter.

There is a ‘filter’ of the same obnoxious household pet on our fancy screens now

The conditioned dog with a collar secretly apologises to his brother on the street- The world isn’t fair.

A stigma here, a stigma there, come buy yours for 100 dollars apiece at the local store.

They taught us well, of why the British were bad, and why the Africans were sad.

They taught us well about the Great Wall and the Mahatma from India

They taught us about the constitution and the laws of Newton

But who is to talk about Greenland, and how to do taxes?

Who is to teach us about the disappearing lakes and the once pious Yamuna?

Who was to tell us to buy less and live more?

There is a new fear in town- No, not the fear of doing wrong, but the fear of missing out.

A little girl in loose pyjamas sticks out from the crowd,

Looks at her father dead in the eye and says “you’re wrong”

The little girl holds her crown and burns it out aloud

She picks up the once young autumn leaf from the ground, and tucks it gently between her hair.

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