Optimism in a Warm Winter Sun

I almost forgot how the bliss of the afternoon sun felt. The soft music of moving traffic, thirsty crows and the thump of distant bikes gallored. The fakirs bathed in the winter sun on soft winter grass. The midweek blushes saved by hallowed sighs, the mixed emotions of nearing weekend and a never ending week.

Now I know Billy said that the regular crowd shuffled in

But it was 5 and it was a bar and it was a saturday. But here, the regular wear coats and noose around their bodies

And report to work at 9, only to forget about life for a while. Hah, what an irony, Billy!

Now I'm not a pessimist, but the world really is coming to end.

There are fires and floods in different parts of the world. Democracies are falling apart, and Trump's at the wheel. Harry Potter ended years ago, and the kids have nowhere to go. A guy named Justin and a girl named Nicki are talking about sex, drugs and love- only the latter is about the other two. The magic ended way back, and we are pretending to find it on Tinder. But hey, who's to blame for throwing away yet another plastic bottle. But don't you worry, for its a warm winter afternoon and you don't have to think about those things for a while. The bliss of this afternoon sun is here to soothe you, even if for a little while.

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