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The silence in the story


Hi! I'm Utkarsh, a 25-year-old travel enthusiast from Delhi, India. My love affair with travelling started at the age of 15. Fast forward a few years, I quit a steady corporate job to lead a different life - to travel, to write, to become.

Having visited over 50 destinations across the country, I have had the privilege of meeting hundreds of amazing people from different walks of life. Over the past few years, my blogs and photos have been featured on over a dozen travel portals and  agencies like Travel+Leisure India, Himalayan Geographic, Little Black Book and InstaHimachal among others.

Silence & Stories isn't just about travel. It's about expression, love and passion. 
As I take on my next journey of travelling across the country on my bike, I intend to share stories from my travels – of places, people and feelings – through this blog and my social media.

Each individual has two births in his lifetime. The first one is as we all know; equally insignificant.
The second birth however is when our active conscious awakens - To question, to wonder, to conflict.


Traveling enabled me to question, to wonder, and to immerse in the beauty of conflict.

I trace my conscious awakening back to my graduation days, when I was pursuing my engineering degree. A misfit in a world of people fascinating over material possessions and facial outlook, I often found myself escaping in short travels in and around the mountains of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.


A young college guy that I was, I was always low on money, which meant only one thing - Budget traveling. 

With whatever money I earned through interning plus some gracious pocket money that Indian parents blessed us Indian kids with, I often traveled light on the ever-blooming public transport networks of the country.

4 years of engineering, scathing projects and a few interning periods later, I found myself in an MBA college in Nagpur, Maharashtra. With the quiet(er) city that Nagpur is, it is this period that I started reading and writing more often while traveling the beautiful states of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

After 2 gruelling years of a masters degree, I had one goal in life - To work for a year and quit to travel full time. 


I was working as an Account Manager at an advertising agency in Delhi before I quit. Now, I'm an aspiring full time traveler, writer and photographer.

In this next phase of my life, I plan to travel across India on my motorbike - A Royal Enfield Himalayan. This journey of mine will see me start from the mighty Himalayas and plan my way ahead on the go. Read more about this travelogue here.


How do I plan to sustain myself?

Volunteer work on my travels and associating with brands for writing and photography. The rest, in good faith (and hope)! 

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